New Articles - July, 2011

North Vancouver Church seeks help for Syrian family

By Christine Lyon, North Shore News | Link to Article 

In a refugee camp in Cairo, Egypt, a Syrian family is awaiting the day they can start a new life in North Vancouver.

A grandmother, her two adult daughters and her two school-aged

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Don Cayo: Canada needs to teach immigrants better language skills

By Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun | Link to Article 

For the past decade or two, immigrants to Canada have been better educated than at any time in our history. Yet, these newcomers still tend to get stuck with lesser jobs and

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Five points on Canada’s new system for fast-tracking economic immigrants

By Stephanie Levitz, the Globe and Mail | Link to Article 

The Conservative government’s overhaul of Canada’s immigration system hits a milestone Jan. 1 with the launch of a new system for selecting

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Family of foreign workers facing deportation over paperwork error

By Laura Kane, CTV News | Link to Article 

VANCOUVER -- The case of a young family facing deportation due to an error on their paperwork highlights the need for greater provincial oversight of temporary foreign workers, says a member of

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Immigrate to Canada: A Practical Guide and 365 Tips For Newcomers: Your First Year In Canada

By Voice Online | Link to Article 

CANADA is one of the world’s most sought after destinations for immigrants and takes in approximately 250,000 newcomers annually. A welcoming and inclusive country respectful of

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The top Canadian jobs for 2015 – and beyond

By Canadian HR Reporter | Link to Article 

Go west, young worker. Or if you’re in British Columbia, go east.

That would be the best advice to jobseekers looking for the brightest employment prospects between 2014 and 2020, according to new

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Top stories of 2014 — #4: New rules for foreign workers

By Sheila Pratt, Edmonton Journal | Link to Article 

When some Canadian fast-food workers in British Columbia found themselves replaced by temporary foreign workers, a long-simmer battle between business and labour hit the headlines in 2014.

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Immigrants a key bloc for all parties in 2015 election

By Susan Delacourt, The Star | Link to Article 

OTTAWA—Is Canada a more conservative country after nearly nine years of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s rule?

When the election rolls around in 2015, immigrants to Canada

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Special Christmas celebration for Saskatoon immigrant families

By CBC News | Link to Article 

It's been a very special Christmas for a group of immigrants in Saskatoon.

For Paul Daud, going to the Westgate Alliance Church's Christmas Eve service was a night to remember. Daud

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Surrey Sikh community to make Christmas brighter for the city’s Iraqi refugees

By Larissa Cahute, Vancouver Desi | Link to Article 

For the past few Christmases, Surrey’s Iraqi Christian community — made up of more than 1,000 refugee families who’ve escaped persecution in Iraq and Syria —

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